The ProChrist 3D



Are you a Pro-Christ?
Are you strong enough in your faith
that you can free yourself from the clinches of evil?

Pro-Christ, a secret and ancient class of seemingly ordinary men and women who are destined to protect and alter the reality of our world. Some are warriors, some are everyday people, and some do not even know they are destined to be a Pro-Christ.

Victor is a father, a husband and a pastor. Going through life and learning how to master the art of parenting, marriage and most importantly, how to be a leader of a congregation. When he learns of his fate, his faith and beliefs are tested. He shows that through the belief of his God’s strength, that he can overcome any obstacle.

Are you strong enough in your Faith?

The ProChrist is a Fiction novel written by Vensin Gray and self-published in 2009 and re-released in 2012. You can find a few reviews below. For more reviews, please click here. You can also download an excerpt  of The ProChrist here.

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“This book was very enjoyable.  There was spirituality, a story line based around a family, and suspense.  I always looked forward to picking up where I left off.”

Debbie B.


“Although religious/science fiction is not my usual genre of books I enjoy, however, I found the writing was good, the plot interesting. I liked the opening and the characters in the family the best.”

Nicole E.


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