GuessWhosBackHello everyone! Guess who’s back! Yes, I’m back! I hope everyone had a great summer and are preparing adequately for the holiday season to be upon us.

Apologies that I haven’t posted anything in a while. While I was on my hiatus I accomplished a few things, I finished Son of Sin, and sent the manuscript off to the publishing company. That’s GREAT news right!? Well yes, it is great news to those who have read The ProChrist. From the few people that have read the rough draft of Son of Sin, one person said, and I quote (watch as a I put quotation marks around the quote) “Son of Sin is so much better than The ProChrist that if I didn’t know you I would think someone else wrote it. The ProChrist wasn’t bad, but Son of Sin is just that good.”

That’s a very good quote, the source of it is an advent reader and is a harsh judge of literature. I didn’t believe he liked The ProChrist, but he was being nice to me while giving it a review, and he said to me… “Vensin” (There goes those quotes again.) “If I don’t like a book, I don’t finish a book.” He finished The ProChrist, he finished Son of Sin, and he’s anxiously awaiting the third book to the series The Angel King.

I’m excited folks. I’m having a book signing for Son of Sin on November 16. More details on that the closer we get to the date. I will be speaking to some youth at a church on October 12. I will not lie, I am extremely nervous, but I’ve been studying the word, getting my details in order, and hopefully my presentation will leave them asking a lot of questions, and getting a lot of good answers.

I’m also thinking about putting together a Podcastpodcast11, I’m thinking about doing 3 one hour shows a week. One for Religious studies/bible study, one for sports, and the other one is a general conversation about anything. If there is anyone interested in possibly co-hosting one or more of the shows, or if anyone has some ideas, please e-mail them to I’ll be looking forward to your feedback.

If I get enough people interested, I’m not sure how many of you have been following me since the days but I’m considering bringing back my Poets of the Month and Poets of the Week for those of you out there that would like an extra avenue to share your work. This would be the place! If you have any poetry that you would like to have featured, e-mail for details. Poetry

I attended my first ever Gender Release party (No, not a coming out of the closet party). Basically, a party where everyone finds out what the Gender of the baby will be. Don’t worry, only rich people do it! I had my reservations at first about it. I was like, why won’t they just send a group text… “It’s a boy!” Then everyone would know, and won’t have to get dressed and get out of bed. But this was a different sort of party, watch the video below.


Sorry for the bad lighting and the bad camera work, but it turned out to be a marriage proposal. I did know about the proposal coming, and I have to say that my cousin is living the dream, full basketball scholarship to college, received his Bachelor’s Degree, great first job with tons of opportunity, with his high school sweetheart who is pregnant with his first child, which is A BOY! (See how quickly you just found that out? Didn’t need a party for that!) And she accepted his proposal so he’s got it all going on! He worked extremely hard for EVERYTHING that he got, and those are the qualities that I try to instill into every young person that I talk to, that nothing worth having comes without effort. He is a testament to where hard work will get you.  And he has Gender Release parties! Go figure, all he needs now is a house, a white fence, some nosey neighbors, a difficult to pull into drive way and broken coffee maker. A special thanks to his parents for being a great positive influence in his life. Comes to show you how important it is to have both parents in the house and in your life, and a village (family, community, church family, friends)! VERY proud of him!

Now for me! I’m going to get a girlfriend, get her pregnant, have a gender release party, and during the party, break up with her, and I bet her friends scream just like that, that’s how excited they’ll be that I’m leaving. Yes! I’m that terrible or turrible as my Grandmother calls me. But no I won’t do that but I just thought it was funny to say, so if you smiled… then my job is done.

BookSigningSave the date folks, November 16th! Official Book Signing of my novel Son of Sin! Save up $15, come there, get the book, get it signed, get a picture, mingle with the folks, get out, go home, read Son of Sin, love it! Tell your friends about it, post it on your Instagram, Facebook, Resume, just put it everywhere! Show your support! Also if you’re interested in getting your poetry on this site both written and visual, or if you’re interested in possibly being a co-host for one of all of my podcast shows, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

I’m also looking for volunteers to help me with the Book Signing. E-mail me volunteers!

Love you all! Remember to read, read, read, and read some more! Your body will only go as far as your mind takes you! Feed your mind!

(Final thought, I want to start a mailbag, can be a question or comment about anything in the world! Send your questions and comments to