Vensin and Ashen

Ok! I am BACK! May has been one of the busiest months of my life! Congrats to Ashen Ward and JoVonna Rodriguez for graduating College! Seriously! Big accomplishment! Now get some jobs so you can buy my book!

Speaking of books, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately as to the production of Son of Sin the second book in my ProChrist series I’m writing. To all my readers out there, it is coming! I’m shifting all of my focus to getting Son of Sin published! And to those who haven’t read The ProChrist yet! Get to it! Contact me in regards to some discounted prices, or complimentary books, or something, you have to read it, you have to let me know what you think! Then you have to get ready for Son of Sin which in my opinion is a pretty decent read. But of course I would say that, I wrote it, so I want your reviews on it.

What I did in May? Well for starters, I’m not sure if all of you knew, but over the past three months, I’ve been coaching 5th and 6th girls’ basketball at Prospect Elementary in

Captains (Left to Right) Shanteya and Porsche

Captains (Left to Right)
Shanteya and Porsche

East Cleveland. The circumstances weren’t ideal. I got the team in late March when all the other teams had been practicing since October and playing games since January. Not one girl on my team knew how to play basketball, and half of my team was on the cheerleading team. But! With the help of my sister, one of my player’s brother, my Uncle and his girlfriend, and my cousin Ashen, I was able to pull it off and go .500 for the year. We didn’t win the tournament, but we lost to the eventual champs so I guess there’s some solace in that.

It was a wonderful experience. I went to Cleveland State University for two and half years where I took classes on becoming a teacher. I used what I learned there and transitioned it into coaching. I learned that you can’t approach every child the same. They all have their different personalities and respond differently to different situations. We had our ups and downs during our short time together but it taught me a lot and I’m looking forward to coaching the girls next year and winning a championship! (I hate losing in monopoly, so imagine losing in something that matters.)

I want to say a special thank you to my Uncle Donnelle for inviting me to coach, giving

Coach Gray and Jayla

Coach Gray and Jayla

me advice, and helping me get the girls their jerseys! He claims he’s retiring this year but I hope he decides to do it. A lot of people think that because it’s just elementary, it doesn’t matter, I’m telling you now, it does matter! So if you have the opportunity to coach, or mentor some kids, I say do it! Take a little time out of your life, to be something special to someone else. I didn’t realize how important my job was until I actually started listening to what they said, how they said it, and their reactions.

I feel bad because I had nine 6th graders on the team that will not be returning when we’ll have more time to prepare. So I want to tell them now, Jayla, Jas’Za, Damonay, Ty’Jia, Armani, Jasmine, MiKayla, Shanteya and Porsche that it was a great experience! I love you all (“Awww we love you too coach” is what was said during the Banquet speech as I told them that I loved them.) And I wish you all the best of luck! And to my returning team next year, Tenasia, Kayuana, and C’Mone, get ready to work! We’re winning next year!VensinGrayCoach

I want to take a second out to thank the designer of Son of Sin, Denise, who also did a quick design for the Lady Panther’s Logo! Thank you so much! You are the definition of awesomeness!

Now that May is almost over, I get to shift my attention towards getting Son of Sin published. Where are we at with that process? Well, the good news! The manuscript and the cover are almost 100% complete. The manuscript just needs a once over to make sure I dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. The Cover is actually complete, just need the dimensions from the publishing company for Photoshop, and it needs my synopsis, author photo, and author bio in it. So, not much left! Other than getting some marketing supplies ready, and setting up a book release party. I wish that this Arabica I use to go to was still there, the owner was great and very supportive of my work and would’ve allowed me to have my party there after hours. Guess I have to get my professional networking back up huh! Will do!

I hope that all of my readers are doing well! I hope that you all have a good start to a hopefully great warm summer. Spend time with your family and friends, start a project and finish that project. Don’t watch television all day! Plant some flowers, go fishing, or chase a squirrel (yes, a squirrel!). May has been extremely busy month for me, but it has been worth it and I have no regrets. So make sure you don’t have any after the summer. Stay tuned for an excerpt of The ProChrist coming next week!