What ever happened to love?

What ever happened to “I think I can…”

Picnics on the beach.

And making love in the sand?

Ice skating at the park.

But standing in one little stance.

Holding each other close,

To saving the last dance?

What ever happened to liking someone,

For who they really are.

Now who you really are,

doesn’t go very far.

What ever happened

 to looking for what’s on the inside.

Now it’s how much we are wearing,

we only look at the outside.

Why are the guys with gear,

Get that good looks implied.

When average guys,

Get there feelings denied.

What ever happened,

To just having a conversation?

Now talking honestly,

doesn’t have very much communication.

Now conversations,

And going out, isn’t the same.

Now it is all about looks,

And who has the best game.

Or who is wearing the newest shoes.

Or who car looks the best.

What ever happened to feeling good about what you wear,

even if you paid less?

What ever happened to cuddling with someone,

laying down just to have rest?

Now laying down,

Is just for the sex.

Since when do people drive around,

Just to be seen?

What ever happened to driving around,

To feel a cool breeze?

What ever happened to being in love?

Staying up late at night on the phone?

And when you wake up in the morning,

you feel nothing could go wrong?

And since when is love,

not enough?

Our generation is making staying with someone,

Too tough.

Now love is just a distant dream.

No more warm hearts,

or doing special things.

No more random calls,

just to say “I love you”

Just lonely nights,

teary eyes and feeling blue.

We search so hard for what’s on the outside

we forget what the insides do.

Hearts are often broken,

I guess dreams don’t come true…

No more comfort,

and happy times and memories I miss.

It is a shame that everything,

Has come to this.

What ever happened to just loving God,

And living a good life.

Now you have to impress everyone,

Trying with all your might.

What ever happened to just being friends.

Now everyone must have a girl or a man.

What ever happened to staring at your real self in the mirror?

What ever happened to getting married?

And staying that way… forever.