KeytomyheartBeauty is described as having qualities that delight the senses.

Your beauty goes well beyond the sense of sight.

Sight because it is what people rely on when they go to describe.

They forget to look into your eyes, and explain your insides.

Well I never really looked into your eyes.

And I’ve never kissed you, so I’ve never felt your soul.

But I can see it in your actions, your phoney smile… your heart has a hole.

Just because in your heart there is something there…

Does it mean that something is really there?

I don’t know you very well,

but I intend to know your every breath.

I don’t know why you are hurting,

or why your happiness left.

All things happened for a reason.

So it is no coincidence that we’ve met.

So if we do kiss, hug or whatever,

don’t fill your heart with regret.

And I know this is like deja vu all over again.

This is the same things said as your last man.

But know this, I could give him half of my stick,

and he still couldn’t hold a candle to me.

My heart pumps blood of sad memories.

Miserable times of loneliness and anger.

Why would I ever put your happiness in danger?

You told me that you love to smile,

What if I promised to always make it so that you’ll never frown.

That your days will be lit up with my heart,

and to my heart I’ll give you the golden crown.

And every breath I take without thinking of you would be a sin.

I’ll give you the keys to my heart and let no one else in.

I bet you’ve never heard that before.

Do you feel like you are down, stuck on the floor?

Or how come you can be un happy, when you are with someone you love,

something you can’t understand…

Or how you can feel so completely alone while making love to your man.

Why is it that, even though I don’t know you I feel your pain.

But I want you to know, you are not to blame.

You are incredible, magnificent, and any other synonym of excellence.

You are a Queen in your world. Bow… to your presence.

Because finally you have me.

No more lonely nights of crying on your knees.

Because your beauty deserves better than that.

That isn’t an opinion, it is a well-represented fact.

Time to stand up for yourself, and finally give yourself a good night. Out with the old, in with the new.

And let you and I take flight. Let your man know he is on borrowed time.

Because if my dreams are true…Soon you’ll be mine.

“Back story behind this poem, I wrote this in May 2006 after I met this young lady who I would end up dating for a little bit in 2008. After I wrote this poem, I never thought I’d ever talk to her again and then that happens. Crazy right? No we’re not together, I believe she’s married with a kid or two. I must admit I’m a biNaturet nervous about having my work out here but I wrote it so long ago, I don’t think it’s half bad.”