Silent, but loud. Hungry yet full. Betrayal and anger enters my heart like a raging bull. Single and alone, but sinfully married. Our relationship is dead, but my feelings aren’t buried.

Smart, but ignorant. Wise and immature. Given everything he wants, but he still craves more. Avaricious but generous, his heart is coldly hot. Designed to live at the bottom, but destined to die on top.

Disappointingly satisfied. Quenched but still thirsty. Happiest in your life, but your heart is still hurting. Unhappily cheerful, yet sullenly smiling. As excited as a grounded pilot suddenly flying.

Convicted and set free. Hated but still desired. Fired before the interview, and afterwards, hired. Beautifully ugly, with an undesirable attraction. Like eating your favorite meal deriving no satisfaction.

African Caucasian, white but acts black. More confusing then opinionated facts. Verbally mute. Lying yet true. So many willing to kill, but willing to die? Few.

Illuminating darkness, courageously scared. With twenty-twenty eye-sight, your vision is still impaired. Extraordinarily normal, like a fireless flame. To cheat on your wife, and feel no shame.

Losing victoriously, but remorsefully proud. You gave it your all, so quietly scream it loud. Like a childish adult. Or a savage punk. A dumb nerd sleeps with more women then a smart Hollywood hunk.

Commonly outlandish. Regular, but ceases to amaze. To gaze backwards into a maze, stuck in a daze. Fearfully brave, and pleasantly mad. To look forward into the mirror disregarding your back being stabbed.

Curiously uninterested. As my heart was closed open. Hurting worst from the words that were never spoken. See you again? Eventually never. How clever is a drought that brings raining weather.

Selfishly giving. Directly dishonest. To stare me right in the face, and on my life, lie on it. I spoiled you fresh. You rotted me ripe. You made me feel so inadequate, like I wasn’t worth my life.

Losing you was my unwilling sacrifice. A religious man without faith. A soul without energy. To give everything you have, be laughed at… left with nothing but your dignity. You did me right wrong, no matter how you try to flaunt it. I still love you, and you hate me, pretty oxymoronic.