BusyWhat’s going on in the life of Vensin Gray these days? A lot actually, I really wish that I could sit here and tell you that I sit at home all day, eating cereal and watching Sponge Bob. But I do not. I’m working on publishing my second novel, Son of Sin, which the cover is awesome! Thanks to Denise Darnall, if you’re writing a book or need something done that needs an artist, she’s the one to call! (Contact me for her information.)

Speaking of setting someone up, lately I’ve been sort of like an agent for my Editor. The editor of The ProChrist and Son of Sin is deciding that she would like more editing work, and I found a few people who needed an editor. Shake hands and it’s done, so now she has a few projects she’s working on with me in the middle, I’m like an editor retailer or something, except no refunds! Ok, maybe some refunds, like 10% of your money back or something. But she’s an awesome editor so if you need editing work done! Write me, and I’ll get you hooked up!

I want to take this moment here to thank God for Denise and my Editor because I am truly blessed to have two people, who are good at their work, work with me, and help me get to my dreams. If I ever become a well-known author, I will definitely turn into a huge jerk and demand my money back, because it was an honor to work for me!!!!!! I’m kidding! They will be well taken care of!

Congratulations to JoVonna JoskiDiesel Rodriguez! She’s the ONLY person who liked my first book giveaway post on www.facebook.com/vensingray216 so she gets a free copy of The ProChrist! How awesome is she! It was set up for an old friend of mine, but she was probably too busy and didn’t read the post. Any who, congrats JoVonna, e-mail me your mailing information (admin@vensingray.net) and I will see it to you! Stay in tuned for more giveaways!

Big plans for Son of Sin, the cover is basically complete, I just have to get the synopsis written, an update author photo taken, and work on my author’s bio (That’s the easy stuff). Then I have to tighten up my manuscript, send it to the publishing company, they send the proofs, my editor and I look at the proofs, change what needs to be changed, give the dimensions to my cover artist and she has to adjust the cover to that, and more, so if you’re looking to publish a book! Remember, it’s a lot of work and determination, it’s much more than, “Ah! I finished my manuscript.” That’s about 40% of writing a book!

I’m working on an amazing blog, to outline my journey of this new thing that I’m doing! And it is awesome! I don’t want to tell anyone until it’s over but stay tuned, within a month or so, I will be publishing that and I hope that I make at least 1 person’s eyes water. No I’m not doing anything bad to animals, promise!

That’s just a taste of what’s going on right now in my life! If you’ve read The ProChrist, I would love for you to send a review in! Let me know what you thought of it! (admin@vensingray.net) if you haven’t read it, it’s available here, here, and here! And more places! Order yours, read it, enjoy it, give it to your friends, let them read a page, and then make them get it! Share the love! And prepare yourself for Son of Sin! In my honest opinion, it’s an amazing read; of course I say that because I wrote it. But! I was talking to my editor one day because one day I was reading Son of Sin, and didn’t realize it was Son of Sin, and I was saying to myself “Man, this author is amazing.” Then my editor said “You know that’s Son of Sin right?” So yes people that book is going to be awesome!

Stay beautiful my readers!