What Happened?

What ever happened to love?

What ever happened to “I think I can…”

Picnics on the beach.

And making love in the sand?

Ice skating at the park.

But standing in one little stance.

Holding each other close,

To saving the last dance?

What ever happened to liking someone,

For who they really are.

Now who you really are,

doesn’t go very far.

What ever happened

 to looking […]

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What do I see?

When I look into the eyes of myself through the mirror, what do I see? A lost soul squirming like a worm in the sea of everlasting confusion. A pitiful delusion of stolen dreams and jealousy of this lone Aquarius conquering me.

And when I look into the eyes of jealousy, what do I see? An […]

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Beauty is described as having qualities that delight the senses.

Your beauty goes well beyond the sense of sight.

Sight because it is what people rely on when they go to describe.

They forget to look into your eyes, and explain your insides.

Well I never really looked into your eyes.

And I’ve never kissed you, so I’ve never felt […]

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