Walking DeadAll good things come to an end right? I say that as Season 3 of Walking Dead comes to a close tonight. What’s going to happen? I’m not really sure. I hope that the Governor gets eaten by his daughter who magically resurrected and feasted on his skin. But that’s wishful thinking and too much Skyrim playing.

I remember when I first got hooked onto Walking Dead, I never read the comics, better yet, I didn’t even know about the comics before I saw a preview on AMC. I saw the first show and was hooked. I especially liked that Lennie James was on the second episode, I liked him from the TV series Jericho.

I’ve always loved Zombie stuff although I’m not big on scary movies, I’ve played every Resident Evil except for the latest one. My favorite Resident Evil is Resident Evil 2, the fear in that is great. (Side note, they just don’t make games like they used to do they?) Back to what I’m talking about. Walking Dead is about good acting. As someone in the arts myself, I love good acting. When Lori died, and Carl had to kill her, I won’t like, my eyes watered up. I didn’t cry, (I paused the show and gathered myself.) But it was powerful, believable, and reminded me why I love this show so much.

I absolutely disdain Reality TV. I’m sure it’s catchy and it’s fun and it’s pretty inexpensive to make. But I’m all about good acting, not putting a camera and some random persons face and saying, “Hey, show us what you do on a day to day bases.” If I wanted to see people arguing and fussing and fighting over everyday things, I’ll just go to a poorly run McDonalds.  Seriously, I watched one with a friend one day and the entire time I’m thinking “What the heck is this?” (I might not have thought heck… but pretend I did.) So Walking Dead gets my kudos for good acting and good directing. I wish I was important enough to vote for awards because Walking Dead would get all of them!

A friend of mine texted me that he was sad that Walking Dead was going off. Now, other than basketball, he won’t have anything good to watch until October. And normally I would agree with him. But! Ever since reading a Bill Simmons article about Game of Thrones, I’m lucky. Because there are new beginnings as Game of Thrones season 3 airs today as well! So although I’m extremely sad that Walking Dead is ending. Game of Thrones is going to take their place and probably really well!

Game Of ThronesWhen Bill wrote that article, I went out and watched every episode of Game of Thrones in about a week. There are so many things going on in this show that I’m sure I should probably re-watch them so I can remember all the exciting things that are going on.

When watching Television Series, I must admit that Characters matter. Walking Dead it’s Rick with Daryl being a close second. In Game of Thrones it’s Jon Snow with Robb Stark being a close second. I won’t get into why I like each Character, I don’t want to bore you all, but if you don’t watch Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you are missing out on some good shows! WalkingDead2

Apologies for any spoiler alerts for those who may happen to read this and find out a few things. Other shows to note, I love FX’s Justified and Archer, and Starz’s Spartacus are my other favorite shows. Honestly, I didn’t think that anything could replace HOUSE M.D. but I must admit I do not miss the show at all with all of these shows to keep me company.  Other than sports I don’t watch much TV. I know you’re sitting there like “Yeah… right.” But I know people who literally watch like 10 plus shows a week. I try to limit mine to 5 at a time. Stark Brothers

So here’s to another great season of Walking Dead, hopefully the Season Finale is awesome and leave me craving for September or October to bring in a new season. And here’s to the start of Game of Thrones and hoping for a good season. Seriously, how lucky am I that my two favorite shows start and end on the same day!