Walking Dead Game of Thrones

All good things come to an end right? I say that as Season 3 of Walking Dead comes to a close tonight. What’s going to happen? I’m not really sure. I hope that the Governor gets eaten by his daughter who magically resurrected and feasted on his skin. But that’s wishful thinking and too much […]

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Texting and Written Communication

Have you ever received a message from someone similar to this…

“smh fwiw imho thats nagi bff yall shud tlk f2f bout the prblm lmk how it goes ill stay up jic u need 2 tlk”

And just sat there and stared at it for a few minutes because you have absolutely no idea what it meant? […]

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Writing a Book: Genre, Plot and Character Development

Hello everyone! Last blog we focused on what to do when starting the writing process. We touched on things such as fiction or nonfiction, the point of view, who the narrator will be, and naming your book. Today we are going to focus on Genre, Plot and Character Development.

When it comes to Genre, it is […]

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