Every Christmas has been made special because I got to be around family and loved ones. It was tougher than you think to pick just five of my favorite ones. The ones that I have selected are the ones that I felt changed me as a person and helped me understand things better.

Counting down to number 1 was easier than the rest of them. Primarily because it was the last time that I was able to say that I had my parents all to myself and didn’t have to share them with anyone.

Favorite Christmas Number 1

Christmas 1993

This Christmas was the first Christmas away from my mother. I spent it at my grandmother’s house in East Cleveland in a House that was in the family for four decades. That house is no longer there but the memories that I shared growing up will never go away.

One in particular is the Christmas of 1993. It was the last Christmas that I had both of my parents to myself. My father had a daughter April of 1994. I was only 6 during this Christmas, I didn’t understand fully what having a sibling would to do to affect my life. Growing up, as a kid, my father was my hero. Everything he liked, I liked.

You see, my parents had me when they were 15. My father didn’t have a father growing up, and then he was about to be one. In a world where a lot of success stories start off with “My father wasn’t in my life.” Or something in that capacity. Not me, my father stuck by me my entire life and never wavered. There were growing pains but while I was growing up, so was he. Now he’s my best friend, and has done a lot for me. And has given me my most memorable Christmas.

As I stated before, this was my first ever Christmas away from my mother. It was hard to go to sleep, it was a snow storm, and my father wasn’t home from college. As a kid, you wait for Christmas to come all year long, it’s the only day you really think about, and I was very excited, but uneasy, I missed my mother. But I eventually fell asleep.

The morning finally came, my father wasn’t home yet, so all I did to avoid exploding with anticipation was play with my cousins gifts that they had. They had spent the Christmas over with their father. So we all played around, and eventually I completely forgot my father was even coming until there was some footsteps on the porch.

The door opened, and in came my father with two huge garbage bags. And inside of those garbage bags were toys, lots and lots of toys. I was in complete disbelief, I thought that I was dreaming. But I was 6, I just ran and hugged my father, and my cousins and I shared my toys. We played for hours. I couldn’t tell you about any of the toys that I received, I don’t remember them. What’s sad is that I remember that I barely played with the toys that he got me. I do remember playing mostly wiht my cousins trucks that my father got my cousins. They played with my toys, and I played with the trucks.

What I loved most about this Christmas was that it was an exclamation point for the admiration I had for my father. And anytime growing up, I was upset with him, or didn’t like something that he had done, or didn’t agree with the things that he did, or how he parented me. (Yes, I don’t care what you say, we have ALL had some sort of disagreement with our parents) I think about that Christmas, and how he made me the happiest 6 year old ever. And when I one day have some Children, I hope that they look up to me as I looked up to him. He was a good man, is a good man, and tries every day to continue that. Everything happens for a reason. As a child of two 15 year old parents you have to tell yourself that, you hear about unplanned children, happening with older adults, but two 15 year olds having a child, is a mistake, and my parents let me know from day one that I was one of the best things to happen to them in life.

So this Christmas, if you have children, if you have a family member, or somebody that you aren’t sure if they know it, tell them that you love them, never let anyone feel alone when they don’t have to be. Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for reading my countdown of my 5 favorite Christmasses. My next countdown will be my top 365 days of the year… ok I’m kidding! If you’re reading this, know that I love you! As my website says… Either write something worth reading… or do something worth writing! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!