Only two more Christmases left! Counting down to my favorite Christmas!

Favorite Christmas Number 2

Christmas 1992

I’m not sure if all of you know, but I was born to two extremely young parents. So growing up had its learning experiences. One thing I can say though is that my young parents, did all they could, especially on Christmas to make me happy.

This brings me to Christmas in 1993. I was close to turning six years of age. And this particular Christmas, the only thing I wanted was a Nintendo, and this particular Christmas, I don’t believe my mother was going to be able to get it, but that’s all I asked for, no toys, nothing else, so she worked some extra hours, and was able to get it for me. I had no clue she was going to get it, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it. But it was ok, my mother raised me to be very grateful no matter what you received because some people do not get anything.

Being six years old, my closest family member to that time was my older cousin, we’ll call him M. Well M and his sister T was staying Christmas break at my grandmothers; this was the last Christmas at the old house on Hayden in East Cleveland. So the morning time came, and low and behold, I had my Nintendo! Excited, wasn’t even a word I knew how to spell but I was definitely beyond that word!

The only TV we had to play that game was in my Aunt S’s room. And my Aunt S is unpredictable now, and was just as unpredictable then, but she let M and I set up the Nintendo in her room. Back then, there was no HDMI cords, no three color wires, just a coaxial cable and make sure it’s on channel 3. Well channel 3 worked, and M and I played Super Mario Brothers 3. His entire Winter Break we played Super Mario Brother’s 3 while my Aunt S watched us, jumped on her bed and occasionally kicked us out, then invited us back in because she wanted to watch us play again.

I’m not too sure if M or I defeated that video game, but we played it, beat almost every level until the last level, which was extremely hard. We didn’t have access to internet and cheat codes or Google back then. (Yes, I feel extremely old for saying “back then”) but it was a very enjoyable time. I don’t even remember if everyone came over my Grandmother’s house (My mother and I was staying with G-Ma then.) but I’m sure they did. I don’t even remember eating that entire week, all I remember was the video game with my big cousin.

I want to send a special shout out to the Mom Dukes for doing all that she could, not just for this particular Christmas, but every Christmas. She gave all that she could no matter what, and I wanted to let her know that her son appreciates her and hopes that if he ever has children, he can display those same instincts, he’ll be alright in my book.  (Yes, I just referred to myself in the 3rd person, no my mother doesn’t have any more boys, don’t judge me!)

~ Favorite Christmas number 1 coming Christmas Eve!!!!! Stay tuned! Be up! And as ALWAYS tell someone you love them today! Might make their day! ~