Favorite Christmas Number 3

Christmas 2004

Every Christmas is special. Every Christmas brings different experiences. I was 17 years old in 2004, and this Christmas taught me the joy of giving. I was working at Walgreens at the time, and I wanted to buy gifts for everyone that I could think of, and some of these gifts are memorable.

For my mother, she had been asking me to get her this Victoria Secret Lotion called either Angel or Heavenly, I can’t remember, well I went in, and got her this little set that was on sale, it came with like 3 different small lotions in a small carrying purse. I got her that, and wrapped it up in a Timberland Shoebox, and on Christmas, my mother was EXCEEDINGLY happy about the fact that I bought her some Timberlands, and then she saw it was just Victoria Secrets and came down from her high. She still appreciated the gift but I felt bad because I didn’t get her the timberlands. So, we all know eventually I got her some.

I got my Aunt this plus in the TV Mrs. Pacman game that came with a joystick like they have on the arcades, and yes, that was the gift that Christmas, everyone wanted to play that game. So we all played, and some crazy how my step father got to a score that I’m not even sure anyone has beat yet. He cheated, I don’t know how, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’m not going to go on and tell every gift I got, but I wanted to talk about one in particular. My one particular aunt and uncle, who had always helped me whenever I needed it growing up, they were, well, maybe not rich, and very well off. I wanted to get them something, so I decided to get something for their kids, it wasn’t much, for the oldest, I got him this table Ice Hockey game, and for the youngest I got him this read a long book. And what I can remember most, was my Uncle calling me when they opened their gifts, and he sounded so appreciative of the gifts, they weren’t much, he could easily buy thousands of them, but he was very happy that I had done that, he and my Aunt.

This particular Christmas showed me the gift of giving. And to honest, just watching the joy in people’s faces as they open their gifts is better than receiving gifts in my opinion. I had worked hard that entire year, saved up and it was my first Christmas that I bought almost everyone I could think of something, didn’t matter if it cost $5 or $50 I tried to get everyone something. Khalil Gibran  said that, “Generosity is giving more than you can and pride is taking less than you need.” And even though I didn’t have much, I wanted to be as generous as I could.

Life is short, too short to waste time being angry or holding grudges or plotting revenge on someone who may have wronged you. Take time out to tell someone in your family that you love them. You may not have a dime to your name, or you may have thousands to your name, the greatest gift you can give is your love, and support.

Thank you for reading, Number 4 and 5 coming soon!