Happy Sunday everyone. I hope if you are reading this that you had an excellent week and you are preparing for the start of the week for Monday! On to my next favorite Christmas.

Number 4

December 20??

I don’t remember the exact year my mother’s side of the family started doing the entire hotel for Christmas. I believe I was around twelve or thirteen maybe a bit older. The first five or six years, we went to a hotel that was south west of Cleveland. It wasn’t fancy at all. Didn’t offer breakfast, (which by the way, bagels and orange juice isn’t breakfast hotels) but not, this place didn’t even have that.

What I do remember is that it was exciting to me. I had never done this. For all of my life, I had woke up opening gifts with my mom, playing with all my toys, and then we’d all meet over my grandma’s house for hot chocolate, fun and games. And my grandmother always had a real Christmas tree and it was always huge, and decorated extremely well.

Back to this Christmas before those Christmas’ have to make the list. This particular Christmas I got the chance to be around a lot of people I was close with. I got to play the video games with my cousins (one of them, at the time, didn’t want me there, but it’s ok, we’re cool now… he’s probably mad that I put that there, but I didn’t say a name so he’ll be ok.) Back to the story, sorry, I ramble when going down memory lane. My Aunt Ruth was still with us (God rest her soul) and my Great Grandmother was still cheating in Old Maid (Ok, she still cheats in Old Maid, but she’s 95… just let her win family!).

So I went to sleep excited, it was Christmas Eve, I was with the family, the entire family, and I was happy. This was before the internet became super popular, this was when text messaging was like four dollars a text, so that text better extremely important if you’re texting me! And before electronics took over and we had to actually play games instead of them playing for us.

Christmas Eve was fun, it was the first time that you realize that if you got to sleep first, you may wake up with a Christmas Tree on you, or every present that was underneath the tree, or toothpaste on your face, or whatever my one Uncle could think of to make fun of you.

Christmas morning was equally as exciting. I had to walk in the halls (no running, didn’t want to wake other people or have my Aunt YELL at me to stop running). It was a fun Christmas, I don’t even remember all the gifts that I had gotten that year, not even one specific gift, I was just happy that I was with everyone and we were all having a good time.  (I didn’t like that I was young because I had to clean up ALL of the gift wrapping paper and had to put them in garbage bags because my family didn’t like leaving messes for the cleaning people, we try to make their job as easy as possible. Now I have younger cousins to do all that cleaning and I can sit back and relax. But don’t worry, my mother volunteers me to do things all the time.)

At this hotel we had a Christmas breakfast together as well as a Christmas dinner together. We would take tables and chairs from all of the rooms, and eat one big breakfast as a family. I remember my one Uncle making these very tasty and fluffy eggs. I asked him how to make them, and he said a little bit of milk, well every time I put a little bit of milk in my eggs, it looks like I’m eating cereal. So I just leave the egg cooking for him. But it was always fun. Throughout the day, I just played with my toys, or played the video game, and this was the first Christmas of many Christmases that I went into my Grandma’s room, and she’s watching lifetime (The movie that kills the men they hate) and took a nap. Later on that evening, we had dinner, and then the fun and games came out, the Old Maid, the Connect Four, and many more. (Yes, I rhymed… don’t make it weird.)

This was also the first time that me, my one cousin who didn’t like me, and my cousin from Tennessee, and my step father, went out to the movies. I don’t remember what we saw first, but it was a good movie. I think it was Blade, I’m not sure but we went and saw a movie, and it was fun, and we would do this every year for five or six years until my cousin from Tennessee got married and stopped loving us, and didn’t go to the movies with us anymore. (Ok he still loves us.)

All in all this Christmas was memorable because it was a milestone in my life, it was different, it was fun. And it started a tradition that hopefully will continue to go until one of us gets rich, gets a big ole house, and we all go to the big ole house every year!

Thanks for reading! Favorite Christmas number 3 coming soon!