I’ve always loved the Holidays. The commercial part of it is something I’ve never really been into, but rather the time you get to spend with your family. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to count down my five most memorable Christmases and explain to you the reason why they meant so much to me. So stay tuned!

Number 5

Christmas 2011

My mother’s side of the family, since I was about 13 or 14, celebrated Christmas normally in a hotel, all the family would come together into a hotel and have one big family Christmas instead of having individual Christmases and driving and meeting at one place later (Normally my Grandmother’s house pre-hotel era). Well this Christmas, was the first time we didn’t go to a hotel in over 10 years. The reason? First, Christmas fell on a Sunday, and my Aunt and Uncle weren’t having it, where they would have to wake up, go to Church then back to the Hotel. Also, because my Great Grandmother (who is 95 years old and still has her mind completely intact) saw a vision of how Christmas could be at her house.

So we all had our own Christmases at each other’s house. I must admit, it was a bit weird to not be all together in the morning, it took some adjusting but it was fun. I spent Christmas morning giving gifts and opening gifts with my mother, step-father and spoiled little sister (seriously, she is unbelievably spoiled). Then we all met up at my Great grandmother’s house later that afternoon. My Uncle Donnell had set up the tree, and decorated the house really well. We had Christmas dinner, me and my cousin talked my Grandmother into making her home-made rolls (in which we’re trying to get her to give the recipe to someone else because we have to continue the tradition, she’s tired of cooking, but her she’s 73, she has the right to be tired).

The kids opened gifts, the family ate and played games and exchanged funny stories that happened throughout the year, or old things that happened a million years ago and no one lets go of and continue to tease you about it forever, OR bringing up how you was a very adventurous kid who did a lot of questionable things (ok I’m talking about myself now, let me stop.)

All and all, my great grandmother was extremely happy, she enjoyed herself, having the family that she created all around her, we took pictures, we laughed, and we enjoyed each other. The meaning of Christmas may have been lost with the media age, and the values may have been distorted. For some, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, for others, it’s a time to show off your decorations skills. For me, it’s to give thanks to God for allowing us all to be able to come together, enjoy a good time with one another, giving gifts, and receiving love.

And I don’t care what you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, or don’t believe in, there aren’t too many better feelings then to watch an excited kid open a gift, and when they see their gift, the look on their faces just warms my heart.

~Stay tuned for Favorite Christmas number 4! Coming soon.