Reading should be a part of everyone’s everyday life. I’m not saying go out there and read a book a day, I mean if you can, then by all means do so! I think everyone should try to read something every day, be it a news article, newspaper, blog, novel, or anything like that. Reading keeps your mind working, and its informative, you learn something new every day, unless you’re literally reading the same exact article or book every time you read something, and that my readers is a waste of time! Read something new!

For me, I’ve never been big on reading novels, which I believe is ironic because I write novels. But I’m trying to read a book a month, soon MyEditor and I will be doing four book reviews a month for my website so stay tuned! My normal reading comes in the form of sports articles; I’m a huge sports fan, especially the NFL and NBA. So every morning, and I do mean every morning, with my breakfast and tea, sorry I don’t drink coffee (Don’t judge me!) I read something on either or another sports network. I don’t watch much television so to keep myself up to date with statistics and what’s going on with the sports world I like to read that every morning.

I’ve recently joined a blogging website, and I was both fascinated and saddened by all the blogs out there. Fascinated because it’s great to see that there are actually millions of writers out there, maybe not all novelist but just people who like to write, and write correctly! None of that short hand type of stuff, but actual writing. Saddened because all this time I’ve been missing out on all of these articles I could be reading that I’m missing!

So! For my bloggers out there, I’m changing up my morning routine, instead of a sports article, I’m going to try to read two or three blog post every morning! So if I’m following you, please post your link or e-mail me your link ( so that in the mornings it’ll be easy for me to load the blog up on my iPad and read it with breakfast and tea.

Why breakfast? Because breakfast is awesome! That’s why! And also because I’m the most focused in the mornings, I’m an early bird. At night my mind is everywhere so don’t ask me to read anything in the mornings! And why tea!? Because tea with some honey, and lemon, warmed perfectly is also awesome! Plus it keeps me from getting sore throats! I’m not sure how many of my readers are from Cleveland, I’m from Cleveland, and it can literally go from 80 degrees to 30 degrees in an hour here. That does not bode well for people who are sensitive to weather changes! But I love my City! I love reading! So here’s to everyone who wants to help with my quest to read more blogs! If you haven’t already, subscribe to my Blog! Follow me on Twitter! And LIKE me on Facebook! Have a good day and remember try to read something EVERYDAY of your life!