Chardriana Sheppard asked me “How does it feel to complete a work that others genuinely enjoy?”

Thank you for your question Chardriana!

Honestly, just finishing a work of art, be it a poem, or a novel, is an accomplishment in itself, but when others take time out of their day to read it, and respond to it, be it positive or constructive, it’s an overwhelming feeling. I’ve been published since 2009, and I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, and I always get the same feeling whenever someone wants to talk about my book, I get anxious and I want to dive into their mind because I want to know what they truly think of my work. Some of my closest friends will tell you I can be annoying because I can keep asking questions, “Did you like this part?”, “Did that connect well?”, “Is that believable?” and so forth. I’ve put a lot of time into cultivating my imagination and putting it on paper, so getting feedback is important to me because it allows me to refine my writing, and hopefully make future writings better so more people can enjoy reading my work.

Thank you again for the question Chardriana!

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