Breakfast with a Blog

Reading should be a part of everyone’s everyday life. I’m not saying go out there and read a book a day, I mean if you can, then by all means do so! I think everyone should try to read something every day, be it a news article, newspaper, blog, novel, or anything like that. Reading […]

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Question of the Week

Chardriana Sheppard asked me “How does it feel to complete a work that others genuinely enjoy?”

Thank you for your question Chardriana!

Honestly, just finishing a work of art, be it a poem, or a novel, is an accomplishment in itself, but when others take time out of their day to read it, and respond to it, […]

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“What Happened?”

What ever happened to love? What ever happened to “I think I can…”
Picnics on the beach, and making love in the sand?
Ice skating at the park, but standing in one little stance.
Holding each other close, to saving the last dance?
What ever happened to liking someone, for who they really are.
Now who you really are, doesn’t […]

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