I began writing The ProChrist sometime in April 2005, I was 18. At the time I was dating this lovely young lady whose mother and step father ran their own church. Well, like any 18 year old young man filled with ignorance and pride, I naturally didn’t like their opinion of me. So I sought to write a book about what I thought the “perfect” Pastor would be like. Then came Victor Thomas.

When people find out that I’m a published author, the first two questions I almost always get is, “What is it called?” and “What is it about?” and I almost always answer with “TheProChrist” and “You’ll have to read it to find out what it is about.” What’s it about is a hard question to answer as the writer because I don’t know how to tell someone what the book is about without telling too much. I would love to tell them the entire story but I can’t, so the tricky part is finding that medium. I still haven’t found it.

I wanted to create a story line that challenged him in more than just pastoral ways, but ways that make him a man. When I was younger I held pastors and leaders of churches on a higher pedestal but when I have to realize is that even though God will judge them differently according to the word, but they are still in fact humans. So I gave Victor a wife, children, friends and through some obstacles at him and tested him firmly. I won’t give away the test or the trials, you’ll have to get to book to see!

The ProChrist has almost everything for every reader, action, mystery, family drama, extraordinary events, supernatural, and more, it’s a very fun book, I enjoy writing it, I know that you’ll enjoy reading it.

I want to give a special thanks to my original editors Chantrice Ollie and Marly C., and my first novel cover designer Jonathan Penfield-Wells of Midland Michigan. They helped me out a lot in my young career as a writer, especially Marly C. Then came MyEditor, she’s awesome, I won’t name her because she’s extremely shy, but she is a Godsend. She re-edited TheProChrist, she’s doing this website,she’s editing my second book Son of Sin, and she’s climbing Mount Everest. Well, she’s not climbing Mount Everest, but I bet you would’ve believed me because she’s awesome!

Another thanks to John Hughes, the designer of the new cover, he’s a good artist and an even better man, I’m hoping he stays on to design the cover for Son of Sin and a little commercial I’m thinking about doing.

If you have any questions to pose to me about TheProChrist or being a writer, please just send them to admin@vensingray.net. I’m going to start doing a monthly mailbag or a question answer session if we get enough questions.

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