Thank you for visiting, my official WordPress blog. This is the second time I’m launching a website, and thanks to the significant help from MyEditor, I think this one is going to be a greater success than the first. If you don’t know me, I’m the author of the  novel “The ProChrist.” I’m also working on a few more novels, and possibly a book of poetry so stay tuned.

I hope to use this website to promote writing, and positivity. I may be a Christian, and my writing may be inspired by Christianity, but I want it to speak to everyone regardless of their beliefs. I want to send a message that promotes being positive and making a favorable difference in people’s lives. So while you read through this website clear your mind,  think of something positive to say, and leave it in the comments.

Benjamin Franklin said “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” I’m trying to do both.

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Looking for your next book to read? Why not read The ProChrist? Already read it? Leave a review! Already left one? Check out our store. It may be small now, but the more we reach out, the more you tell your friends, your family, your neighbors about, the more writers we’ll find, the more books we’ll be able to promote and put up. So help me get the word out.

I’ll be posting weekly blog entries, in the near futures I’ll even be doing podcast so that you can listen to me on your way to work. Daily quotes and daily scriptures will be up, and anytime you want to say something, or ask a question, you can contact me at I’m really looking forward to hearing from everyone.

As my associate JoVonna Rodriguez says, Literacy Matters. So I’m all about writing, reading and using it as an anchor for intelligence.

Be positive and welcome to!