What someone said about The ProChrist

A friend of mine had a few co-workers read The ProChrist recently, and this is an e-mail conversation between the two of them.

My Friend: Thank you so much for reading!!!!!!!

Her Coworker: Oh girl!!! It was SO good. I loved the Shack, but I loved this more. It was brilliant and the last 100 pages, I […]

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1st Son of Sin Review

I used to watch a lot of TV. So for 2013 I decided that I would like to read more books. I read The ProChrist at the end of 2012 and decided I wanted to read more books. During the year of 2013 I read New York Times Best Selling authors Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger […]

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Son Of Sin Blog

When I wrote The ProChrist, I can honestly say that I had no plans on writing anything else related to it. After I published it in 2009, everyone who read it all had the same thing to say, “When is book 2 coming out?”

There was no book 2, I was going to write about different […]

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